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Cocinateria Imports LLC

Cocinateria is a family-owned import and distribution company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In my role with this start-up entrepreneurial project, I conducted extensive industry studies and determined our operational design for the formulation of our business plan. I have also been spearheading continuous qualitative and quantitative market research to further develop our product and ascertain our target market, in addition to regularly conducting A/B multi-variant testing to optimize online presence in preparation for launch.


market research, due diligence, logistics

Upon my initial market research via several quantitative & qualitative tests, I formulated a business plan for the import business. I researched all costs involved in our supply chain, coordinated the logistics, and performed the necessary due diligence.


Cocinateria website

After running some A/B multi-variant testing, I came to decide upon the business name and created a temporary website.


San Francisco Bay Area Distrubtion

I sought out and managed the distribution to our partnering SF Bay Area stores.