Why StartUps Suck At Marketing

If you're at least somewhat familiar with digital marketing or SEO, I'm sure you've come across one of Moz's Whiteboard Friday tutorial videos at some point. From strategic online consumer behavior videos to more technical keyword targeting tutorials, Moz's weekly video series has been providing undeniable value to the beginner-to-intermediate digital marketing practitioner that's looking for easy-to-understand information on just about any SEO-related topic.

Rand Fishkin

In front of the camera during his tenure at Moz has been Rand Fishkin. Co-Founder and previous CEO of Moz, Founder of SparkToro, Author of the recently published "Lost And Founder", speaker, & blogger - the man has achieved monumental success in the SEO business and is today one of the leading authorities in digital marketing.

Last week, the IE Marketing Club had the pleasure of hosting the SEO Wizard himself, who gave an enlightening presentation on "Why Startups Suck at Marketing". The event at IE was a couple months in the planning, so we were pretty excited for the day to come and have Rand share his wealth of experience and knowledge with us.

According to Rand, the 8 ways startups suck at marketing are:

  1. Terrible names
  2. Overvaluing 1st exposure
  3. Chasing growth hacks
  4. Saving marketing until launch
  5. Relying on paid ads
  6. Not prioritizing an easy-to-reach audience
  7. Failing at funnel fundamentals
  8. Ignoring brand

I'm sure the presentation served as a precursor to what I'm going to find in his book (just ordered my copy a few days ago). Being a Marketer and having previously launched a few businesses of my own, I'm certain I'll find Rand's book just as valuable as his Whiteboard Friday videos. For some marketing wisdom (and a sneak peak at Rand's book), swing by Moz's blog post in which Rand shares his best advice from a decade and a half of marketing Moz or listen to the audio version below.